Britney Spears makes lacklustre comeback at MTV VMAs

Singer struggles with lip-sync during awards performance

Britney Spears made her highly anticipated comeback tonight (September 9) at the MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas.

The singer performed new single ‘Gimme More’ wearing a glittering black bikini and blond hair extensions.

Despite being the evening’s most publicised performance, the show did not have the expected explosive effect, as Spears struggled to lip-sync the words and keep up with the lack-lustre choreography.

Prior to the show, stars such as Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent and Nelly Furtado offered support to the singer in advance of her performance.

“She”s been primed and prepped since she was a little girl, she can turn it on” Nelly Furtado told MTV“s Tim Kash, while Mary J. Blige said she was expecting a great performance from Spears.

“I think Britney can make a comeback,” said Blige “I think she”s smart. She”s been through a lot of things and someone who”s been through what she”s been though, you”ve got to want her to win. I know I want her to win. Whatever doesn”t kill you will definitely make you stronger.”

Meanwhile 50 Cent said “I”m expecting the best. “ve got my fingers crossed because I know there”s so many people out there expecting her to do bad, I”d like to see her do good.”

Fiddy also commented on his looming face-off with Kanye West when their respective records are released on Tuesday (September 11) calling the head-to-head “competitive without it being a negative.”

Rihanna was the first winner of the night as she took home the Monster Single Of the Year award for her hit ‘Umbrella’.

–By our New York staff.

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