Bruce Springsteen pledges support for Barack Obama

Springsteen says that Obama is the man to rectify America's problems

Bruce Springsteen has given his full support to US presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

Speaking from the stage at Philadelphia‘s Vote For Change rally, where Springsteen was joined by Obama, the rocker referred to President Bush‘s current administration as “disastrous”.

Springsteen added that, despite the “national tragedies of Katrina, Iraq and our financial crisis”, he was confident that Obama could rectify the US’s problems.

“In my job, I travel the world, and occasionally play big stadiums, just like Senator Obama,” he said. “I’ve continued to find [that], wherever I go, America remains a repository of people’s hopes, possibilities and desires, and that, despite the terrible erosion to our standing around the world, accomplished by our recent administration, we remain, for many, a house of dreams.

“One thousand George Bush‘s and one thousand Dick Cheney‘s will never be able to tear that house down.”

Springsteen continued: “Our sacred house of dreams has been abused, looted and left in a terrible state of disrepair. It needs care, it needs saving, it needs defending against those who would sell it down the river for power or a quick buck. It needs strong arms, hearts and minds.

“It needs someone with Senator Obama‘s understanding, temperateness, deliberativeness, maturity, compassion, toughness and faith to help us rebuild our house once again.”

It is estimated that 80,000 people attended the rally, which saw Springsteen play a set including ‘The Rising’, the track which is played before Obama takes to the stage at his campaign events.