The Libertines’ Carl Barat defends solo album artwork – video

'It's basically just photographic,' says the frontman

The LibertinesCarl Barat has defended the front cover of his debut solo album, which has been the subject of ribbing on the internet from fans.

The frontman, whose self-titled album is out today (October 4), chatted about the artwork in a video interview with NME, which you can watch on the right – with the second part embedded below.

“The artwork’s basically just photographic,” he said. “The front cover is basically me just taking a photograph in the mirror. Just because it’s a self-titled professional album and I’m just kind of naked and it just shows me how it is.”

He added: “I didn’t want to be clever about it. I thought the mirror thing’s quite clever, but I’ve been told that’s been done a lot.”

Watch the interview with Barat, in which he talks about every song on the album, on the right. Click below for the second half of the interview.