Watch Cat’s Eyes gatecrash Buckingham Palace to perform new song

Duo played new song 'We'll Be Waiting' in front of the Queen's unwitting guests

Cat’s Eyes, the duo comprising of The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan and soprano Rachel Zeffira, recently gatecrashed a private event at Buckingham Palace, performing a new song for unwitting guests.

The pair release their new album ‘Treasure House’ on June 3, the follow-up to their self-titled debut LP in 2011. Promoting the LP, Zeffira and Badwan have unveiled a video consisting of secret footage filmed during a private art talk for a group of guests at Buckingham Palace, the London home of the royal family.

According to a press release, guests thought they were being treated to Renaissance-era compositions linked to the Queen’s art collection. Instead, the duo performed ‘We’ll Be Waiting’, with Badwan singing and Zeffira playing a woodwind instrument called the Dulcian.

Cat’s Eyes had previously pulled a similar stunt by playing their first ever gig at the Vatican in 2011.

The band recently shared their video for the song ‘Drag’ and the lyric video for ‘Chameleon Queen’.

The tracklisting for ‘Treasure House’ is as follows:

‘Treasure House’
‘Chameleon Queen’
‘Be Careful Where You Park Your Car’
‘Everything Moves Towards The Sun’
‘The Missing Hour’
‘Girl in the Room’
‘We’ll be Waiting’
‘Names On The Mountains’