Watch Cat’s Eyes reveal their studio secrets on NME.COM

Faris Badwan and Rachel Zeffira open up about their collaboration
Cat’s Eyes open up about their unique recording process in a new video interview NME.COM. You can watch it by clicking above.

The duo is comprised of The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan and Canadian opera singer Rachel Zeffira, and they released their hugely acclaimed debut album earlier this year.

And now, in an interview filmed at London‘s Amadeus Centre they have lifted the lid on their creative process.

Zeffira said: “Faris is always making mix CDs for friends and everyone he meets. The mix CD he gave me was of girl groups from the sixties, they were all really rare, kind of obscure songs that I hadn’t heard before. So when I heard it I gave him one back and on the CD that I gave him there was a demo of kind of a sixties-sounding song and from there we just started a musical exchange. We just kept evolving that one song, but we didn’t plan to make an album or a band or anything.”

She added that the pair’s contrasting backgrounds allow them to complement and learn from each other: “Everything Faris knows about music I don’t know so much so it just sort of balanced out. It meant we didn’t really have to compromise on anything.”

Meanwhile, Badwan revealed that they cut themselves off from other music while making the record: “We didn’t really have exact influences because as soon as we got into the studio we stopped listening to music. We didn’t play anyone’s record or anything while we were there. The songs had already decided where they were going.”