Cee Lo Green to make cameo in Charlie Sheen sitcom ‘Anger Management’

Singer is set to make former 'Two And Half Men' star's life hell in one-off episode

Cee Lo Green is set to make a cameo appearance on the US TV show Anger Management.

The singer will appear alongside Charlie Sheen as an exaggerated version of himself on Comedy Central tonight (March 13). In the episode, Dr Charlie Goodson – played by Sheen – agrees to become the singer’s therapist but founds himself being blackmailed by the singer to do his evil bidding, when he hires patient Patrick (Michael Arden) as one of his stylists, and then threatens to fire him, reports Wigan Today.

Green himself has recently found himself in hot water with concert promoter Cierra Management Group suing him for $14.2 million (£8.9 million), after he failed to perform at two shows which had been scheduled to take place in 2011. They claim that they paid Green $243,000 (£152,000) to perform two gigs over the Christmas period, but allege that the concerts were never going to take place.

Their lawsuit claims that the shows were a “scheme designed to finagle funding capital for concerts they knew would not manifest” and, although they do not accuse Green of being part of the conspiracy himself, he is still being sued for allegedly refusing to perform either of the gigs.