Chairlift discuss new album re-release

They'll add two new tracks to 'Does You Inspire You'

Chairlift are preparing to re-release their debut album this spring, as a result of signing to major label Columbia. The band intend to add two new tracks to ‘Does You Inspire You’ when it’s re-released in April.

Frontwoman Caroline Polachek told NME.COM that the band are really excited have the opportunity to finish the tracks that didn’t make the final cut for the original album.

“We have the opportunity to add more material that really should’ve been on there in the first place,” Polachek said. “So we get to add two new tracks to it, which we’re really excited about. Those tracks were really a part of the batch for ‘Does You Inspire You’ but we didn’t have the chance to finish them. Now the complete era will be documented.”

The two new tracks are ‘Dixie Gypsy’ and ‘Flying Saucer Hat’, which Polachek believes will complete the album.

The band are also gearing up for a major US tour as well as a handful of UK dates. They’ll also be making their first appearance at Austin’s South by Southwest music festival in March.

“I’m really excited because we’ve never done South by Southwest before,” Polachek said. “I’ve heard it’s a bit like CMJ, but with more barbeque and warmer weather. CMJ was stressful because we were doing a bunch of interviews but ultimately really fun.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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