Man evicted from flat for playing Cheryl Cole songs too loud

'No-one should have to face this,' says councillor

A man has been evicted from his Nottinghamshire flat for playing Cheryl Cole songs too loud.

22-year-old Martin Bramwell was ordered to leave his Ladybrook Lane property after Mansfield County Court heard how he played the music of the Girls Aloud singer so loud throughout the night a neighbour sought refuge in a friend’s house.

Bramwell had an injunction imposed on him last October with regard to the music, but he continued to play it regardless. The council installed noise monitoring machines to record the nuisance and played them in court before he was ordered to leave by March 4.

He played the music until 4am and slammed doors, the court heard.

Councillor Danny McCrossan said: “No-one should have to face this type of anti-social behaviour.”