Chilly Gonzales apologises to Hozier after claiming ‘Take Me To Church’ rips off Feist

Irish singer denies that he threatened to sue Gonzales for his comments

Chilly Gonzales has issued a public apology to Irish singer Hozier after recently accusing him for plagiarism.

Gonzales recently commented on the similarities between Hozier’s massive-selling single ‘Take Me To Church’ and Feist‘s 2011 song ‘How Come You Never Go There’, which was released almost two years before Hozier’s hit.

Following reports that Hozier was threatening with legal action, Canadian musician Gonzales has taken to Facebook to write: “I would like to fully retract any and all implication of copyright infringement in last week’s Pop Music Masterclass ‘Take Me To Church’ and sincerely apologize to Hozier, whose work I respect.”

Hozier, meanwhile, has denied that he ever threatened to sue Gonzales, writing in a separate Facebook post that he was only seeking an “apology and redaction”.

“There has been some talk in the press of legal action and I’d like to clarify my position and the goings-on of the past week for fear that gossip runs unchecked, as it often does,” Hozier said in the statement.

“What was sought from my end was an apology and redaction of an unfair inferral. This has been issued by Jason Beck (Chilly Gonzales), which I very much appreciate. I will continue to follow and respect his work and look forward to moving on from this issue. Jason Beck has been co-operative and understanding, and there are no hard feelings on my part.”

Hozier’s manager Caroline Downey has previously described the allegations as “groundless”.


The Berlin-based Gonzales regularly posts music lessons to YouTube in which he deconstructs popular songs on piano. “This sounds quite familiar to me, I must say,” Gonzales said of ‘Take Me To Church’ in his now-deleted clip. “This very slow and noble triple time and those sad chords. I think I know what it might be.”

Proceeding to play the Feist song, he added: “It’s almost the exact same thing. That’s a crazy coincidence that my good friend and musical little sister Feist with her song ‘How Come You Never Go There’ had the exact same idea to use those chords and that slow triple time as Hozier. What are the chances?”

“I’m being told by the research staff that Feist’s track came out well over a year before Hozier’s. Doesn’t look so good does it? ‘Take Me To Church’? Maybe Feist should take him to court,” the musician said.

Chilly Gonzales and Feist have collaborated and toured together in the past.

Compare both Hozier and Feist’s songs below.