Brian Eno confirms he’s working on new Coldplay album

Band in the studio starting their fifth release

Brian Eno has confirmed that he is working with Coldplay again as they gear up to start recording their fifth album.

Earlier this month frontman Chris Martin said he wanted to get the band’s next album out by Christmas, and Eno has confirmed he will be involved again.

The former Roxy Music man produced the band’s last album, 2008’s ‘Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends’, and told BBC 6 Music that he would again force the band’s frontman to work separately from his bandmates as he did on that record.

“It’s not rocket science, and it’s not Svengali-ism either,” he suggested. “It’s not some attempt to subvert the band, but just to see what other possibilities are lurking within them that might not come out within their normal working situations.”

Speaking about the new material, he added: “It’s quite different from anything they’ve done before, I think, so far anyway. I don’t know how it will end up being, but it’s very fresh.”