Courtney Love lists sex as her ‘favourite obsession’

Dave Grohl, acting and family also make the list as Love celebrates turning 50

Courtney Love has listed her top 50 obsessions to coincide with her 50th birthday, with sex coming out on top.

The list was published by XO-Jane yesterday (July 9), the same day Love celebrated the landmark birthday. Each entry on the list is explained by the Hole singer, with sex being described as her “favourite” obsession.

Elsewhere on the list of obsessions Love couldn’t live without are things such as her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, fashion, perfume and cleavage.

Love also touches on her renewed friendship with Dave Grohl, listing reunions as another of her obsessions and stating: “Especially those so sweet it still makes me cry. Even if it takes 20 years, it’s so great to hug it out and feel like an anvil is off my chest.”

Further down the list Love states, “I’m 50, and I don’t care what you said two years ago or yesterday. It’s all good,” and also offers new music tips in the shape of The Eeries and Brooke Candy.

The singer also talks about her love of visiting London and claims, “Every time I go to Mairead Lewin’s vintage shop I feel like a new woman. Adore those aristocratic British gentlemen.”

Another item on the list is “acting, acting, acting” with Love confirming that she will appear in Sons Of Anarchy ahead of the final season of the show.

As reported, Love will play a “pivotal role” in the US drama series, which focuses on a biker gang based in California, when the seventh season begins later this year (2014). She will reportedly play Mrs Harrison, a teacher at the school of Abel, the eldest son of lead character Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam).

The role marks Love’s first major acting role since she appeared in Trapped in 2002. The musician and actress has previously played roles in The People vs Larry Flynt and Man On The Moon.