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Today’s top gossip:

Ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is reportedly trying to quit smoking for good. The singer is apparently hitting his cigarette habit on the head after over 20 years. “Liam is into his fitness these days and he goes running most mornings,” a friend said. “So now he has decided to quit smoking. He also wants his singing voice to be perfect for launching his new band Beady Eye” (The Sun).

From the papers:

Kylie Minogue has said that her ongoing treatment for breast cancer often causes her to cry. The singer is still taking medication for the illness, even though she was given the all-clear in 2006. “I have been in floods of tears at my oncologist saying, ‘I can’t stand it, get me off this stuff’,” she said. “I will finish early next year and that will be amazing” (Daily Mirror).

Lady Gaga reportedly believes Andy Warhol is sending her messages from beyond the grave. The singer, who is turning her Los Angeles home into a shrine to the late artist and has snapped up several of his paintings, apparently claims he speaks to her every night in her dreams. “She is convinced he is controlling her from beyond the grave, guiding her life and career,” a friend said. “Her entire life has become dictated by these conversations” (The Sun).

Hurts duo Theo Hutchraft and Adam Anderson have revealed that their slick suits actually come from charity shops. “They are the same clothes we had a year ago,” admitted Hutchcraft. “It reminds me of where I was when we had no money and I don’t want to go back there” (Daily Record).

John Lennon‘s last ‘note’ before he was shot dead 1n 1980 has apparently gone up for auction for £100,000. The late Beatle left his final message for his studio technician he had borrowed a guitar string from. “For Karl, who strung me along, thanx, John Lennon,” the note read (The Sun).

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