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Today’s top gossip:

James Blunt has said he thinks he can help make the Taliban surrender in Afghanistan – by singing. Blunt, who used to be an army captain, said he tried to get out to Afghanistan to visit troops six months ago, but his visit didn’t go to plan. “I was with 120 soldiers and we got held just outside Afghanistan in a camp out there,” he explained, adding that he was eventually forced to completely give up after two C-17 planes – brought in to fly him to Camp Bastion – both broke down. “We’re certainly not going to win a war like that. I wanted to get in there and scare the Taliban,” Blunt continued. He said he is now planning to try again, adding: “I’m tired of the Afghanistan war and I’m going to go out and fix it. I’m going out there at Christmas time and will sing the Taliban into surrender. If I can’t do it, then who can?” (Daily Mirror).

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From the papers:

Robbie Williams says fans keep finding out his mobile phone number (Daily Star).

Jon Bon Jovi got chased by fans as he jogged at the beach in Rio De Janeiro (Daily Mirror).

Ringo Starr joined Yoko Ono onstage for Plastic Ono Band‘s gig in Reykjavik on Saturday (October 9) for what would have been John Lennon‘s 70th birthday (various).

Boy George says he’s a fan of The Inbetweeners (The Sun).

Marina Diamandis celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday (October 9) by playing a gig at London‘s G-A-Y club while wearing a phallic dress with a massive pink swan coming out of its front (Daily Star).

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