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Today’s top gossip:

The official BBC Children In Need song is set to be recorded by a host of world-famous musicians, according to organisers. Those secretly involved are said to have knocked up over 40 Number One singles and 200 million album sales between them. The song is set to premiere during the BBC Children In Need show on November 20 (BBC Children In Need).

From the papers:

Katy Perry says her relationship with Russell Brand has led to her being kinkier in bed. The singer, who is set to appear at tonight’s (November 5) MTV Music Awards, said she’s even taking inspiration from the relationship in regards to which costumes she’ll be wearing at the Berlin bash. “I will be especially naughty under Russell‘s influence,” she said during an interview prior to the awards. “I’ve worn things in the past couple of months that aren’t appropriate for this press conference because of him. Sorry mother, sorry father.” Perry added that she’ll be wearing “less clothing” than people might expect tonight (Daily Mirror).

Iggy Pop said he doesn’t think he needs to be insured, despite starring in a Swiftcover insurance cover advertising campaign. “I don’t even carry life insurance,” he explained. “I don’t need it man, you know, I got my own swag” (Independent).

Little Boots said she’s be up for joining the original members of Sugababes, should they reunite and “if one wasn’t up for it” (The Sun).

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ winner George Sampson‘s mum Lesley has been charged with flytipping bags of his fan mail (Daily Mirror).

Danny Dyer praised 50 Cent, calling him “gentle” (Daily Star).

StereophonicsKelly Jones is hoping to make it as a scriptwriter in Hollywood, after a chance meeting on a plane with actor Sean Penn. He ended up giving Penn a copy of a story he’s written called ‘The Drop’ which is “about an apprentice hangman in the ’40s, based on a book called ‘The Hangman’s Tale’“. Jones added that he owns the rights to the book and is looking to turn it into a film (The Sun).

From NME.COM users:

Princess Eugenie watched Jay-Z‘s Alexandra Palace gig in London last night (from Michael).

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