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Today’s top gossip:

Amy Winehouse narrowly avoided a telling off by police in St Lucia, where she is currently holidaying. The singer became enraged when she thought a fellow diner at her hotel had slagged her off during dinner. She then threw her drink over the guest’s head. Her spokesperson said: “Amy misunderstood a conversation and wrongly believed a slight was made. The matter has been resolved” (The Sun).

From the papers:

Pete Doherty wants to make Paris his main home (The Sun).

Gym Class HeroesTravis McCoy has praised Arctic Monkeys, saying they “took (up) where The Strokes left off” (Daily Star).

Mel B‘s luggage has been lost by British Airways after a flight from the US to the UK (The Sun).

Noel Fielding wore a tartan suit in Dublin‘s Clarence Hotel (Daily Star).

Estelle says Denzel Washington and his wife like her music so much they stayed up until three in the morning to see her perform a gig in St Tropez (Daily Mirror).

Guy Garvey says Snow Patrol‘s cover of Elbow‘s ‘One Day Like This’ is better than the original (Daily Star).

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