Danzig chokeholds ‘asshole’ prankster who sugarbombed Adam Levine – watch

Navid Farsi was attempting to break the former Misfits frontman's no-photo policy

Former Misfits frontman Danzig was caught on camera putting a fan in a chokehold.

The singer was performing with his band in California recently when a prankster named Navid Farsi attempted to break Danzig’s no-photo policy at his gigs.

A video uploaded by TMZ shows Farsi attempting to photograph Danzig at close-range during his performance, with the musician grabbing Farsi’s phone in retaliation and throwing it across the stage.

Farsi was later caught trying to take a photo of Danzig after the show, with the shock-rocker putting the man in a chokehold for “being an asshole”.

Watch footage below.


Earlier this year, Farsi threw a bag of powdered sugar at Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

Farsi was later charged with battery following the incident, sentenced to three years of probation, 52 counseling sessions and 20 days cleaning California’s highways.

It is alleged that Farsi has form for incidents like sugarbombing and threw a rock at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in April of this year.