'Space Oddity EP' gives fans the chance to remix their own versions of the song

David Bowie is to give fans the chance to own and remix the multi-track recordings of his seminal 1969 track ‘Space Oddity’, when he releases a new EP featuring the song to celebrate the 40th anniversary of man walking on the moon.

Released on July 20 – 40 years to the day that Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon – the ‘Space Oddity EP’ consists of four variations of the track. When fans purchase the EP they will also receive the original eight stems/multi-tracks for the track for free.

They will then be able to remix the song through their own software, or through iKlax software).

The tracklisting for ‘Space Oddity EP’ is:

‘Space Oddity’ (Original UK Mono Single Edit)
‘Space Oddity’ (US Mono Single Edit)
‘Space Oddity’ (US Stereo Single Edit)
‘Space Oddity’ (1979 Re-Record)

See Davidbowie.com for more information.