Preview Lady Gaga’s David Bowie-inspired new song ‘Just Another Day’

Ahead of singer's new album 'Joanne'

Lady Gaga has previewed a new song inspired by David Bowie.

The singer releases new album ‘Joanne’ on October 21. She recently released its lead single ‘Perfect Illusion’.

Gaga offered a brief performance of new song ‘Just Another Day’ on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this week. The track will feature on the deluxe edition of ‘Joanne’.

“It’s probably the most New York-glam-pop song on the album,” she explained. “It’s the one that heirs from [David] Bowie and Marc Bolan [of T Rex] and then maybe from some obscure London metal stuff, the Beatles. It also kind of airs from the electroclash movement from New York and that’s kind of when I started coming up, was right after that.”

Listen to the song at the 11:30 mark below.

Lady Gaga has confirmed that she will preview new album tracks at a series of shows at low-key bar venues this month (October).

The singer’s Dive Bar Tour is sponsored by Bud Light and comes ahead of her upcoming album ‘Joanne’. Gaga says the tour will reflect the album’s “raw Americana” feel.

The first gig will take place today (October 5) at an undisclosed location. She will play new song ‘Million Reasons’, as well as lead single ‘Perfect Illusion’ at the gig, which will stream on Bud Light’s Facebook page.

Additional shows will follow on October 20 and 27, although the setlists for those gigs are not yet known.

“I get to go perform these songs and really look my fans in the eyes when I’m singing to them and really try to have a more natural human experience,” Gaga says in a statement. Watch a trailer video for the tour below.