Death Grips unveil short film ‘Come Up And Get Me’ – watch

Band reveal strange, abstract video for 'No Love, Deep Web' track

Death Grips have unveiled a short film for their track ‘Come Up And Get Me’ – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to watch.

The US hip-hop group filmed the abstract, eerie 13-minute video at the Chateau Marmont while working on their most recent album ‘No Love, Deep Web’. The short, which was directed by the band’s Zach Hill and Stefan Burnett, is largely silent and only features music in the last four minutes.

Death Grips sparked headlines last year following a prolonged row with Epic Records. They were dropped from the label in November after they made their second album available for free download and the leak was presented along with a deliberately controversial album sleeve: the album title scribbled on an erect penis.

The rift further deepened when the band published a purportedly official email from the label asking them to remove their self-leaked version of the album from the internet. Hill subsequently revealed that they had intentionally tried to get themselves out of their deal with Epic Records. “A lot of things have to be determined that aren’t that interesting – figuring out how we’re going to [move forward],” he said. “And whether we’re going to do that ourselves, or who’s going to do that with us, based on our actions of purposefully trying to get out of the record deal we’re exiting right now.”

It was reported that the disagreement had stemmed due to a dispute about the scheduled release date of the new album, with the label preferring that the band continue to promote preceding LP ‘The Money Store’. Hill explained that they cancelled tour dates to complete ‘No Love, Deep Web’ instead as it was “way more in tune with what we were experiencing as people in life”.