Newly-surfaced footage shows Donald Trump ‘hitting on’ Spice Girls’ Emma Bunton

Footage dates back to 2000

Newly-surfaced footage has emerged of Donald Trump allegedly “hitting on” Spice Girls singer Emma Bunton in front of then-girlfriend, now-wife Melania.

The footage dates back to 2000 and shows Bunton interviewed Trump at the VH1 Fashion Awards alongside bandmate Victoria Beckham.

“Donald Trump looks like a banker,” the pair say to the camera before the interview, with Posh Spice adds: “Not at all stylish… But he’s rich, so we’ll interview him anyway.”

Greeting the pair, Trump is seen looking Bunton up and down before saying “very nice”. Viewers online have accused Trump of “hitting on” the singer.

Watch the clip beneath:

In January, it was reported that Victoria Beckham had allegedly stopped a Spice Girls reunion tour after preventing the group from performing their old songs. The former band member is said to have asked her lawyers to block Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner from performing the group’s classic tracks. Beckham was said to be “concerned” that performing old songs alongside new music could “damage” the group’s legacy.

The three members (Mel B, Bunton and Horner) released a comeback track titled ‘Song For Her’ last November. Mel C refused to take part in the reunion as she believed they “reached their peak at the 2012 London Olympics”.