Download Festival bans flags from Main Stage arena

Festival chiefs threaten to 'eject' people who sneak flags in

Download Festival has banned fans from bringing flags into the main arena of the site.

A posting from the festival’s director John Probyn on the Download Festival Forum,, informed fans of the decision. Probyn explained that the ban stemmed from a high number of complaints from festival-goers about the number of flags taken to the event in previous years.

“Due to an overwhelming number of complaints from people and now we have had chance to view the footage from previous years and can see what everyone means (and not see the acts onstage!), we will be banning flags on sticks in the main arena,” he wrote. “Hope you all understand that this is to ensure that everyone can enjoy what’s onstage.”

When a forum member asked how the ban would be enforced at the Donington event, Probyn replied that festival security would not tolerate anyone seen to be breaking the rules.

“They will be stopped at the entrance to the arena and anyone who breaks the rule will be ejected from the festival,” he wrote. “It’s a rule and if someone thinks they can be funny by smuggling in a stick up their ass then they should expect swift action.”

This year Download will feature Them Crooked Vultures, AC/DC and Stone Temple Pilots on the bill and will take place on June 11-13.

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