Dr Dre expresses interest in buying LA Clippers following Donald Sterling ban

Rapper says he is thinking about bidding for club in aftermath of owner's racism ban

Dr Dre has expressed an interest in buying the LA Clippers after current owner Donald Sterling was banned for life by the NBA.

Sterling received a $2.5m fine and lifetime ban from basketball after audio tapes of him making racist remarks to his girlfriend were published online. As a result, the LA Clippers are currently looking for a new buyer and Dr Dre, a lifetime resident in the city, has admitted he is interested.

Asked about the possibility of replacing Sterling as the head of the club, Dre told TMZ that he is “absolutely” interested and that he is currently “thinking about” making a bid. Other celebrities who are rumoured to be interested in the Clippers include Oprah Winfrey and boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Dre also said he “feels the same way” as Snoop Dogg (pictured right), who made his feelings for Sterling known when the racist comments originally surfaced. Speaking earlier this week, Snoop said: “A message to the muthafucka that own the Clippers. You bitch-ass, redneck, white-bred, chicken shit muthafucka: Fuck you, your momma and everything connected to you you racist piece of shit. Fuck you.”

Dr Dre was recently placed at Number Two on Forbes’ list of the Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists.

The publication calculates that Dre, whose Beats by Dre company made $1.2 billion last year, earning him $200 million and leaving him with a total of $550 million, is the second wealthiest man in the industry. This places him ahead of Jay Z but behind leader Puff Daddy.