Drake and Chris Brown pictured in the studio together

A photo posted online today (July 11) suggests the pair have put their differences behind them

Drake and Chris Brown have been photographed in a studio together. You can see the photo here, via Idolator.

It is unclear at the moment as to what the rappers are working on, if anything. The photo is the latest twist in the pair’s friendship, which has appeared to disintegrate in 2012 as they were involved in a brawl in a New York nightclub. The fight was rumoured to be about Rihanna, Brown’s ex-girlfriend and reported love interest of Drake.

Both parties were said to have filed lawsuits in the aftermath, accusing the other one of being responsible for the scuffle, in which the two artists and their entourages were reported to have started throwing punches and bottles in the W. i. P club. The argument, which resulted in a gash on Chris Brown’s chin.

Meanwhile, Brown said recently he wants to get “back to the music” after being released from jail. Tweeting after being freed in June, he thanked God and expressed his pleasure about going home. Brown was arrested in mid-March on a probation violation related to his expulsion from a court-ordered rehab facility.

The 25-year-old was sentenced to 131 days in jail after he admitted to violating his probation by getting into a fight outside a Washington, DC hotel last year. Although Brown had been sentenced to a year in county jail, he only served a total of 108 days.

His sentence was shortened after Superior Court Judge James R Brandlin gave him credit for nearly eight months, including time spent in rehab and jail, as well as for good behaviour.