Two women injured in Chris Brown and Drake nightclub brawl file lawsuits

Lucy Pavlovsky and Nadia Beddini are suing the club's owners for continuing to serve alcohol

Two women have filed lawsuits against the owners of the club where the alleged nightclub brawl between Chris Brown and Drake took place.

The alleged fracas reportedly occurred after the rappers discovered they were in the same club and Brown sent a bottle over to Drake’s table. The Toronto rapper then approached Brown and started arguing over Rihanna, Brown’s ex-girlfriend who Drake also had a short relationship with.

The owners of the club in question, WiP club, is now facing a lawsuit from Lucy Pavlovsky and Nadia Beddini, who claim that they were “permanently injured” in the fracas and they feel it could have been avoided if inebriated clubbers had been asked to leave, reports TMZ

Pavlovsky and Beddini allege they suffered damage to their faces, heads and necks, and Pavlovsky required stitches for lacerations to her arm, which was cut by a thrown broken bottle. They are seeking unspecified damages, claiming the bottle-throwers were “sold and consumed alcohol in excessive amounts”.

This is the second lawsuit to emerge from the brawl after basketball Tony Barker star filed a similar action, alleging that his eye was cut as he attempted to leave the venue when the fight broke out.

Last week it was revealed that Chris Brown and Drake have been offered $1 million (£641,000) each to fight in a celebrity boxing match, with promoter Damon Feldman saying that billionaire digital media entrepreneur Alki David wants to capitalise by staging a fight between the pair, for which he’ll pay them $1 million each and give a further $1 million to charity.

Drake returns to the UK this month to headline Wireless Festival.