Duffy reveals hair-scorching drama at Coldplay gig

Singer claims she saw her life 'flash before her eyes'

Duffy has revealed how she accidentally set her hair on fire after meeting Coldplay singer Chris Martin for the first time.

The Welsh soul singer said her life “flashed before her eyes” when the incident happened as she was about to play a support slot for the band in Ohio last month.

Duffy said she thought she blew a candle out in her dressing room but when she bent down she realised it was still lit, reports BBC News.

She added: “The entire left side of my hair went up in flames. At that moment, Chris was walking down the corridor to say ‘hi’.

“I hadn’t met him before and the place stank of burning hair.

“Can you imagine if I had gone up in flames? Nightmare. I honestly saw my life flash before my eyes.”

Her latest single, ‘Rain On Your Parade’, is released on November 17.