Ed Sheeran passes driving test

The 24-year-old drove for the first time on Top Gear in January

Ed Sheeran passed his driving test on Thursday (October 29).

The 24-year-old drove a car for what was reportedly the first time ever on Top Gear earlier this year.

On Friday he tweeted that he had passed his test, three months after completing the theory section of the test.

Total Driving in Ipswich, near Sheeran’s home in Framlingham, Suffolk, wrote on Facebook, “Congratulations to Ed S who passed his car test with us in Ipswich this afternoon. Good effort Ed!!!”

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Sheeran recently discussed his next album in a new interview, claiming that Jay-Z called him an “alien” after he heard a song from it.

The singer-songwriter released his second album ‘x’ in June 2014, confirming to Billboard that he’s already started work on its follow-up.

Sheeran described how he played a track likely to appear on the release to Jay Z and Beyonce at their home in New York after playing the Global Citizen Festival in September.

“[Jay] made me play it four times in a row and called me an alien,” Sheeran said. “That was promising.”

Speaking about his upcoming third album, Sheeran described it as his “little baby”, adding: “Normally I don’t care much about what people think of my music. If you love it, awesome; if you don’t, go and listen to something else. But this time is different. This project is a lot more dear to me. I’m nervous about how it’s going to be received.”