Editors reveal sci-fi ‘Blade Runner’ influence for new album

Tom Smith speaks about 'In This Light And On This Evening'

EditorsTom Smith has revealed that the band’s forthcoming third album ‘In This Light And On This Evening’ is influenced by science fiction films such as ‘Blade Runner’.

The synth-heavyalbum, out on September 21, is set to include songs such as ‘Papillon’, ‘Bricks And Mortar’, ‘Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool’ and ‘Like Treasure’, with Smith explaining that he saw the record firmly rooted in the future.

“There’s a sheen to the whole album,” he claimed. “Some kind of backdrop to a scientific future – I don’t want to say sci-fi because I think it gives the wrong impression – but you know how ‘Blade Runner’ looks beautiful, that civilisation on the brink of the edge? It feels the album could soundtrack that kind of thing.”

The frontman also elaborated on a ‘Terminator’ film influence the band had previously hinted at.

“The ‘Terminator’ theme was the one that Chris [Urbanowicz, guitar] got really excited about,” he said. “But it still feels human.”

For the full interview with Smith, see the new issue of NME, out now.