Eminem: ‘Odd Future are pushing boundaries and buttons’

Rapper says hip-hop collective remind him of himself

Eminem has said he believes Odd Future are “pushing boundaries and buttons” and that the Los Angeles hip-hop collective remind him of his early years as a rapper.

Speaking to MTV News, the rapper said he felt compelled to check out everything the group posted online.

He said of Odd Future: “I haven’t heard a lot from them, but I still have to go check out everything that they’re doing. I’ve heard enough to know that it feels like they’re pushing boundaries and buttons, and that’s definitely one of the things that I’m familiar with, especially when I first came out.”

Eminem added that he was very much a fan of the group’s work, saying: “I love it, I love the fact that they’re doing that. And the dudes can rhyme.”

The rapper was speaking on the set of his new video for ‘Fast Lane’, which is the first track from his new EP as part of the Bad Meets Evil project he is working on with fellow rapper Royce Da 5’9.