Band talk NME through their debut album 'Man Alive'

Everything Everything admitted their debut album went through some unlikely styles as they recorded, even sounding like The Smiths and Ant & Dec.

Speaking to NME in a track-by-track video guide to ‘Man Alive’, which you can watch now, the Manchester group spoke about the strange genesis of their song ‘Photoshop Handsome’.

“It started off really slow, like a New Jack swing thing,” explained frontman Jonathan Higgs. “That was sped up by the [rest of the] band.”

Bassist Jeremy Pritchard added that the song then took several twists: “It was a bit like Ant & Dec and then it was The Smiths and then it became what it is now. It’s been through a lot of different guises.”

The band also joked that, with the song boasting a simple four to the floor drum beat, they weren’t making the most of drummer Michael Spearman‘s talents.

“When we’re playing it live I sometimes turn around and look at Mikey,” explained Higgs. “He’s an amazing jazz drummer and he’s reduced to this!”

Watch part one of the track-by-track on the right and part two below now.