Fall Out Boy to go on humanitarian trip to Uganda

Pete Wentz plans July trip

Fall Out Boy are set to go on a humanitarian trip to Uganda in July.

Bassist Pete Wentz is planning to go to to the African country to help raise awareness about the conditions there – something he thinks the US government has thus far been slow to do.

He said: “I’m pretty excited, but also a little nervous. I feel like I won’t really understand it until I go there, and I think that there’s no other chance for me to do that.

“If we sent one senior policy advisor to northern Uganda, the potential for ending the war there (increases), and it hasn’t happened. If everyone writes in to their congressmen, it’s something we can actually do.”

Wentz was one of 67,000 people who took part in a 15-city wide protest to raise awareness about the plight of refugees in Ugandan displacement camps on Saturday (April 28), reports MTV News.