Florence Welch: ‘Arcade Fire made me cry when I met them’

Singer got so starstruck when she met Win Butler and co that she weeped

Florence And The Machine‘s Florence Welch has admitted that she got so starstruck when she met Arcade Fire recently, that she burst into tears.

Speaking to Nylon Magazine in a video interview, which you can see by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking, the singer said she’d love to collaborate with the Canadian group, but would have to get over being starstruck first.

Asked who she would most like collaborate with, Welch replied: “I love Arcade Fire so much, ever since ‘Funeral’, I’d love to work with them.”

She continued: “I met Win Butler recently and I was so starstruck that I cried. I went to see them at the O2 Arena and I went to the afterparty and after they all came in and I met him I just started to cry.”

Welch is currently putting the finishing touches to her second album with producer Paul Epworth in London‘s Abbey Road Studios. The producer has said it will be finished by the end of July.