Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos: ‘There’s no musical or comedy set in a Russian abattoir’

Singer admits his flights of fancy were taken a little too seriously

Franz Ferdinand‘s Alex Kapranos has declared he will not be writing a musical, despite declaring that he had “an amazing idea” for a show.

The frontman was speaking about his inspiration while on tour in Australia, but has since used Twitter to declare he has no intention of hitting the West End or Broadway.

“I’m not writing a bloody musical. I was talking about an idea I had for one. Doesn’t mean I’m going to write it,” he wrote, before explaining that it was just one of a series of fantasy projects he has had.

“I had an idea for a sitcom in a Russian abattoir. I’m not writing that either. Or the sci-fi movie script Time Bin,” he explained. “But In Through The Outbox, a rom-com about business rivals falling in love over internet while unaware of their real identities, is a hit.”

He was later informed by one of his followers that In Through The Outbox was very similar to the Hollywood film You’ve Got Mail, causing him to quip: “What? They stole my bloody idea!!!”

Kapranos also admitted the misunderstanding about the musical idea was his fault as he replied to the Triple J radio station that broadcast the initial interview.

“My fault! Opening my mouth and letting my imagination go etc,” he wrote. “It was fun to chat about it though.”