Friendly Fires and Holy Ghost cover each other for split single

Drunken conversation leads to joint release

Friendly Fires and Holy Ghost have teamed up to cover each other’s tracks on a forthcoming split single release.

The two bands first concocted the idea of releasing a split single when they played and partied together at Corsica‘s Calvi On The Rocks festival in July 2009. Friendly Fires were the first band to honour the agreement, covering Holy Ghost‘s ‘Hold On’.

Meanwhile, Holy Ghost‘s version of ‘On Board’ was recorded over several months due to a series of studio mishaps that saw them lose data on more than one occasion. The band also had to deal with the accidental death of drummer Jerry Fuchs in November.

Called ‘Friendly Fires vs Holy Ghost’, the single is to be released on March 8 on download and 12-inch vinyl.

The vinyl tracklisting for ‘Friendly Fires vs Holy Ghost’ is:

A1. Friendly Fires – ‘Hold On’
A2. Friendly Fires – ‘Hold On’ (Instrumental)
AA1. Holy Ghost – ‘On Board’
AA2. Holy Ghost – ‘On Board’ (Instrumental)

The download version features the above four tracks, as well as a further Holy Ghost dub version of ‘On Board’.