Frank Carter: ‘I quit Gallows via email’

Singer admits: 'I haven’t been happy for a long time'

Frank Carter has revealed that he told his bandmates in Gallows over email that he would be leaving the band.

Carter announced he was quitting the Watford punks last week, stating that he and the band could not agree on a musical direction for the their third album and that he had formed a new band, called Pure Love.

Now, in an interview with Kerrang!, the singer has said that he announced his departure in an email after he couldn’t get hold of his bandmates over the phone. Carter said: “I didn’t want to email them, but I had to. I haven’t been happy for a long time and the difficulties we’ve had pulling new music together was the realisation that now wasn’t the right time for Gallows, not with me singing anyway.”

The singer added that his colleagues have not reacted well to his decision, adding: “They took it badly, but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I’ve had the greatest times of my life during the last six years, but I decided to quit, because I wanted to do the right thing for the band. I wish them all the luck in the world.”

Gallows guitarist and Carter‘s brother Steph has admitted that he’s still reeling from the singer’s decision, saying: “It’s really difficult. I’m really upset that my brother no longer wishes to be part of Gallows, but if that’s what it takes for everyone to move forward in a positive manner then it’s for the best, I guess.”

Carter‘s last UK gig with Gallows will be at London‘s ULU on July 23.