Glastonbury Festival announces results of flag banning poll

It's a close call as thousands of music fans vote on whether to allow flags or not

Glastonbury festival will not be banning flags at this year’s event, following the results of a fan vote on the issue.

Punters were asked to vote on whether to allow flags at this June’s festival, and over 13,000 people gave their views on

The results of the poll, which began on February 4, are:

No, keep the flags (7,269 votes) – 55 per cent
Yes, ban the flags (5,909 votes) – 45 per cent

Duplicate votes were not counted in the poll, according to the site.

The vote followed an announcement from Download Festival, who have opted to ban flags from the main arena of this year’s event.

Glastonbury festival takes place on June 25-27, and is set to be headlined by U2, Muse and possibly Stevie Wonder.