Glasvegas already working on follow-up to ‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \’

James Allan says 'time is right' to start work on third album

Glasvegas have already started work on the follow-up to ‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK ‘ – which isn’t officially released until tomorrow (April 4).

Frontman James Allan said although he didn’t plan to start writing new material so quickly, he now feels the “time is right” to start “laying the foundations” for a new record.

“I can’t help it, it is my passion for good and bad. A lot of it is messing about but that is how the band and a lot of our songs came about. The best things normally come from no grand plans,” he told the Daily Record.

“I wrote the last song, ‘Change’, in December. I have just felt the time is right to start messing about again now,” Allan continued.

The Glaswegians have made ‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK ‘ available to hear online at their official website,

They are also set to play a free show on the steps of the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow tomorrow to mark the release of the album.

‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK ‘ is reviewed in the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands now and available digitally.