‘Rusty’ Godspeed You! Black Emperor reform to curate ATP festival

Deerhoof, Bardo Pond, Scout Niblett for Minehead event

Godspeed You! Black Emperor are reforming to curate an All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead this December.

The Montreal band been on “indefinite hiatus” since 2003.

The post-rock group will curate and play at the Nightmare Before Christmas event at Butlins Holiday Centre on December 3-5.

Confirming their return Godspeed You! Black Emperor issued a statement on 1119732.net/ declaring that “after a decade’s retreat, god’s pee has decided to roll again. We are, as always, stoked, stubborn and petrified. It’s been a while, and left in the rain the brakes have rusted and seized – we’ll have to go it with a hammer probably, with elbow grease and with fury, just like the old days all over again. We look forward to it”.

The band added that they have been involved in a “handful of other bands and solitary roadtrips and wonderings, a couple of recording studios [have been] built and a restaurant and three live venues also”.

Members have also undertaking film soundtracks, record labels and one of them took up “acupuncture as a livelihood”.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor indicated that they will play several more British and European shows around the festival dates.

So far Bardo Pond, The Ex, Deerhoof, Tim Hecker, Mike Watt and Scout Niblett are so far confirmed to play at the event, with Godspeed You! Black Emperor themselves performing on all three nights.

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