Gogol Bordello reveal new album details

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Gypsy-punks invite NME.COM into the studio

Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz has spoken to NME.COM from the studio about their forthcoming fifth album.

Produced by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey cohort Victor Van Vugt, ‘Super-Taranta’ takes its title from the word Tarantella – an extreme form of traditional Italian music once played to women in need of treatment for hysteria.

“I stumbled onto the idea when I saw a painting in Italy,” revealed Hutz. “It showed a woman having convulsions and a guy standing over her playing violin and I thought, ‘That shit is SO us! It’s more Gogol Bordello than Gogol Bordello!’ But we called our album ‘Super-Taranta’ because it’s not just a cure for women, it has the power to cure men too. It’s unisex!”

The Ukrainian-born singer also explained how the album had benefited from the fact that the collective have now finally cemented its eight-piece line-up with regular members.

“The last album wasn’t done with our classic line-up. Musically, we were still figuring things out back then but now, there’s no need for any tricks in the studio,” he explained. “The band is in great shape and our new bass player Tommy Gobena is helping us explore more dub sounds so now we’re ready to take gypsy-punk to the next level.”

Songs confirmed for the new record – the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Gypsy Punks’ – include ‘Ultimate’, ‘Wonderlust King’, ‘Forces Of Victory’ and ‘Super Theory Of Super Everything’ (which is also the album’s subtitle).

As previously reported, the band will give the UK its first taste of the new songs at the Camden Electric Ballroom in London on May 30.

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