Goldie Lookin Chain hit back at the Welsh FA

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The Newport rappers defend their 'dedication' to Victoria Beckham…

Goldie Lookin Chain have hit back at the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES following their dedication of a song to DAVID BECKHAM.

The band played a short set before the World Cup qualifying match between England and Wales, which took place on Saturday (September 3) at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.

Before launching into their new single ’Your Missus Is A Nutter’ – which was released on September 5 – the group dedicated the song to England captain David Beckham’s wife, Victoria saying: “We’ve heard she likes a drink.”

Beckham, who was warming up on the pitch with the rest of the team, played down the taunt, but the Football Association Of Wales – who hired the rappers for the performance – issued a statement apologising for the remark.

FAW secretary general David Collins told the Western Mail: “We couldn’t do too much about the booing of the English national anthem, other than to implore Welsh supporters to respect it. But we can most certainly stop the sort of nonsense that David Beckham had to put up with before the game from happening again.”

He added: “I would like to go on record as issuing a public apology to David Beckham and the English FA and say this is a matter the Welsh FA are treating with great importance. People may say it was meant as a joke and maybe we’re being fuddy-duddies. But we don’t see it like that. There was a basic lack of respect involved here.”

However, the Goldie Lookin Chain have hit back at Collins’ statement and issued one of their own.

They said: “The Beckhams should be honoured that we dedicated our performance to them as an act of friendship and respect, in what could have been in ‘sporting terms’ a political hotbed. We are currently thinking of dedicating our next single to Geri Halliwell, we hope that this will not cause an equally unexpected and misconstrued outcry.”