‘Me and Axl Rose kicked the livin’ shit out of a guy’ reveals Guns N’ Roses guitarist

DJ Ashba recalls violent bar fight

Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba has revealed that he and vocalist Axl Rose once got into a violent bar fight.

In an interview with Guitar International, Ashba recalled a night where he and Rose “kicked the livin’ shit outta this dude”.

The guitarist goes on to explain that the victim was an unwanted, drunk party guest. “He was asked to leave several times and didn’t. He actually turned around at one point and punched one of our tour managers,” says Ashba. “I grabbed the guy by his throat and slammed him up against the wall and I said, ‘You need to fuckin’ leave now!’ I walked him over to the door and he turned around and punched me in the face, so I just started unloading on him. Axl saw him hit me and flipped and jumped in, so we’re stompin’ this guy to a pulp, but it was all in good fun.”

Later that same night, the victim, who was in “a bloody mess”, then asked the Guns N’ Roses members “if he can get pictures with us and autographs. So we’re taking pictures with this guy we literally kicked the shit out of. It was all good; we all laughed about it at the end, he even laughed. It was one of those things where it was just a funny moment”.