Slash: ‘I don’t understand the hysteria around the name Guns N’Roses’

Guitarist says he finds talking about his old outfit 'tiresome'

Slash has said he doesn’t understand the “hysteria” that still surrounds Guns N’ Roses and his time in the band.

The guitarist quit the band in 1996 and has since pursued a solo career as well as new outfit Velvet Revolver, who he has said did not form to continue the legacy of his former band.

Speaking to Heineken Music, when the guitarist was asked about how he felt about Guns N’ Roses, he said: “I don’t really like to spend time talking about them, but the interesting thing is the strong legacy about each band. The level of hysteria around the band – or should I say the name Guns N’Roses – has continued. I don’t totally understand that.”

He added that people should not assume that because former Guns N’Roses members Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and himself got together in Velvet Revolver, they were attempting to carry on his former band’s legacy.

He said: “Velvet Revolver happened because Duff and I got together with Matt Sorum and Scott Weiland, and it was so good and intense we decided to carry it on. So trying to follow in Guns N’ Roses’ footsteps wasn’t an issue for us at all, because it’s been so long since Duff and myself had been in the band.”

Slash added that he was proud of his former band, but didn’t much care for being asked about it constantly, saying: “I’m very proud of the heritage of Guns N’ Roses, but I agree it can be a little tiresome when all you’re remembered for is your time in that band.”

The guitarist is currently in the middle of an extensive world tour to promote his new solo album.