Stefani loses tour sponsor due to support act

Verizon Wireless drop out of gigs due to Akon

Gwen Stefani has lost tour sponsorship from Verizon Wireless due to an incident relating to her support act Akon.

The offending incident occurred last month in Trinidad when Akon invited a 15-year-old female fan onstage with him. The suggestive dancing was deemed inappropriate.

Stefani’s manager Jim Guerinot told Billboard: “”We’re just in the beginning stages of evaluating” the impact of Verizon‘s move. Regarding the presenting sponsorship, he said: “We’re surprised and shocked they’ve backed out of it.”

Akon has been a perfect gentleman on this tour,” Guerinot added. “His show has at best been a PG show. Children of all ages have been attending. We have had no complaints – nothing but satisfied people. And I would say that we’re shocked that Verizon would drop Gwen Stefani as part of this whole debate.”