HAUS celebrate the diversity of London in new ‘Say What You Say’ video

"We all know the way we are living is unacceptable, but we fear to do anything about it"

HAUS have unveiled their ‘love letter to London’ with their new single and video, ‘Say What You Say’.

Featuring an into from word artist Cecilia Knapp, the track and accompanying visuals make for a powerful celebration of London’s diversity.

“We wanted to address the self-contradictory system we live in today,” said the band of the track. “We live in a world built from thought, but it’s almost frowned upon to think outside the box. We use words like ‘war’ as a mask to make murder acceptable, and to try and prove that killing is wrong. We all know the way we are living is unacceptable, but we fear to do anything about it.”

Speaking of the video, the band added: “We wanted to capture London, and how eclectic it is as a place. All the different people, they’re all just as important as the person next to them. There’s just so many stories contained in just one street, one market, one pub, one corner. So many varied background, millions of childhoods, adulthoods, all united in their communities, our community. We wanted to highlight the importance of hearing and sharing our stories and how powerful that can be, how it can breed empathy and unify us, and how that’s a rebellion in itself, in a world so concerned with dividing us. People need to stand up for themselves, be true to themselves.

“If you don’t like you what you’re doing with your life, try do something else. You can make changes, even if they start small. Speak up about what you believe is right. We are all capable of doing something special in this life. From day one the majority of us are told not to follow our dreams. Rise above it, do what makes you happy.”

HAUS’ upcoming tour dates are below:

June 19 – INMusic Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
July 19 – Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic
July 22 – Y Not Festival, Derbyshire, UK
August 4 – 110 Above Festival, Leicestershire, UK
August 11 – Grape Festival, Slovakia
August 19 – Lowlands Festival, Holland
August 25 – Reading and Leeds Festival, Reading, UK