Ice-T’s Body Count to release new album in 2014

'Manslaughter' will be the thrash group's fifth LP

Ice-T‘s Body Count are set to release a brand new album next year.

The band, who formed in 1990, released their last album, ‘Murder 4 Hire’, in 2006. Prior to that, the band had not released a record since ‘Violent Demise: The Last Days’ in 1997. Body Count performed at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas over the weekend. Following their performance, Ice-T tweeted a message announcing plans for the thrash group’s next album. He wrote:

‘Manslaughter’ will be the group’s fifth album. It was originally mooted for release after the group signed up with Sumerian Records at the end of 2012, reports Consequence of Sound. The only original members of the group are Ice-T and guitarist Ernie C. A number of members of the band have passed away over the years, with drummer Beatmaster V dying of leukemia in 1996, bassist Mooseman killed in a shooting in 2001 and guitarist D-Roc the Executioner dying of lymphoma in 2004.