James Blunt songwriter becomes boss of Pearl Jam, Franz Ferdinand label

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Epic Records names its new President

Epic Records has announced that Amanda Ghost – singer-songwriter who co-wrote James Blunt‘s ‘Your Beautiful’ – is its new President.

The US label, which is owned by Sony, is home to the likes of Pearl Jam, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse and Good Charlotte.

Ghost is perhaps most famous for penning Blunt‘s 2005 global hit ‘You’re Beautiful’, and helping the singer to get signed by showcasing his material to record labels.

She has also written for Shakira, Daniel Merriweather and ‘American Idol’ winner Jordin Sparks.

“I’m not a conventional choice as an executive in the music business,” Ghost said in a statement about her new position. “But it is testament to the new mood at Sony where content is now king and the music business is being put back in the hands of creative talent such as myself.”

Ghost previously admitted that she wrote ‘You’re Beautiful’ with Blunt in little more than an hour, “sitting around the swimming pool with guitars, smoking dope” at her Los Angeles home.