John Lydon argues for legalisation of drugs during ‘Question Time’ appearance

But the PiL frontman says there must be sufficient information to vet them properly

John Lydon has called for drugs to be legalised – so long as there is sufficient information to vet them properly. Watch his comments below.

During a largely uneventful appearance on Question Time last night (July 6), the PiL frontman advocated a laissez-faire approach towards the recreational use of drugs. Lydon, known for his affiliation with Country Life butter, compared banned chemical substances to table salt.

When a fellow Question Time panellist, Conservative MP Louise Mensch, began to argue against the legalisation of drugs, Lydon waded into the debate. “I don’t see why these things (drugs) should be illegal if the correct information is out there,” he countered. “Here’s the problem – you can kill yourself with two tablespoons of table salt. Are you now going to ban table salt? Let us as human beings determine our own journey in life.”

During his appearance on BBC1, Lydon also shared his views on the banking crisis, claiming that parliament is too impartial to launch an investigation into the industry. He argued: “How on earth is parliament going to discuss this really when both sides, left and right, are connected to this? This doesn’t just go back to Brown, this is part of the ongoing problem. Mr Diamond comes from Wall Street… hello.”

He proceeded to suggest that the courts might be better placed to investigate the allegedly corrupt industry, saying: “If I nick a motor I’m going to be up before the judge, the rozzers. Hello, same thing.”

However, Lydon’s most memorable line as a panellist was rather less political. “I’m not talking as a middle class t**t here!” he said at one point.