John Mayer responds to critics of Live Earth

He says being cynical is "counter-productive"

John Mayer responded to cynics of Live Earth today by comparing the event’s message to absorption of vitamins.

“I think a lot of people at Giants Stadium today want to listen.

Awareness works likes a vitamin. You go to the bathroom and 99% of it is gone but you hope that you retained 1%.”

He also admitted he didn’t fully understand why anyone would be cynical about the event.

I feel this counter claim that’s taking place today about whether or not it needs to be done, it’s counter productive. We want to be healthier and some people are debating whether we need to be and I just don’t get it because if you could be healthier, why wouldn’t you be? I don’t understand what the counter point is!”

The singer performed a solo set earlier today but is expected to join Kanye West and The Police onstage for the finale of the show – The Police song ‘Message In A Bottle’.

–By our New York staff.

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