Justin Bieber’s concert takings from South Africa gig stolen by gang armed with hammers and chisels

Thieves nicked more than £70,000 from singer's gig

A gang of thieves armed with ropes, chisels and hammers stole more than one million rand (£70,000) in concert takings from a Justin Bieber gig in South Africa, according to reports.

The BBC says that the criminal group broke into the strongroom at Johannesburg’s Soccer City stadium and helped themselves to cash raked in after shows at the venue by Bon Jovi and Bieber. It is thought that they suspects could have taken several days to chisel through the walls at the stadium, and then lowered themselves into the room by rope. Stadium officials only realised the money had been taken yesterday morning (May 13).

“The money was taken from the building and they only realised today,” an officer from Booysens police station in Soweto said yesterday. “We don’t know how many people were involved as we are still gathering evidence.”

South African police spokeswoman Katlego Mogale added: “The suspect had gained entry through the roof. They broke the tile of the bathroom between last night [Sunday] after the concert and this morning.”

Bieber has garnered plenty of controversy in recent weeks on his event-filled world tour, with incidents including him being tackled by a fan onstage in Dubai and his collapse during a performance at London’s O2 Arena in March. His tour bus was also recently the subject of a police raid with officials finding cannabis on board.

The singer was also reportedly forced to abandon his pet monkey, after it was seized by customs officials in Germany last month. Mally the Bieber-monkey is being kept in quarantine by customs on the German border after the singer attempted to get the animal into the country without the correct legal documentation.