Footballer Joey Barton calls Justin Bieber a ‘smack addiction waiting to happen’

The former QPR midfielder has also branded Jake Bugg's debut album 'kak'

Footballer Joey Barton has accused Justin Bieber of being a “smack addiction waiting to happen”.

Barton made the comments via his Twitter account, writing yesterday (March 3):

He also said of the teen pop sensation: “He looks little a shaved little bird with earrings. This is a truly fucked up world, if he’s ‘cool'”.

Barton added that he thinks the Jake Bugg album is ‘kak’, writing: “Debut album I know. But far, far, very far indeed from Johnny Cash. Whoever said that, should be slapped in the kisser with a big fish… Generally, when people hype people up like this they turn out all wanky. When anything is mainstream, it is by definition, Wanky…”.

Local Natives escaped the wrath of Barton, as he praised the Los Angeles band’s latest record, ‘Hummingbird’, saying they “have a well better album than Jake Bugg”.

Last year, when he was Queen’s Park Rangers midfielder, the outspoken Barton responded to being roundly criticised for a red card in his team’s defeat by tweeting lyrics by The Smiths.