Kaiser Chiefs reveal ‘official’ tracklisting for ‘The Future Is Medieval’

The album gets a physical release on June 27

Kaiser Chiefs have revealed the ‘official’ tracklisting for their new album ‘The Future Is Medieval’.

The Leeds band recently surprised-released their fourth album, allowing fans to choose their own tracklisting from a selection of 20 songs.

However, they have now unveiled their own definitive version of the record, which will get a physical and digital release on June 27.

Kaiser Chiefs said in a message to fans: “Due to the overwhelming success of this process, it’s created lots of chatter, and demand for an ‘official’ album. So it’s time to simplify things a bit, and release a CD and standard digital album of ‘The Future Is Medieval’. Rather than wait ages where we talk about it for months, send it out to press and all that, we’re just getting it out as soon as we can physically make the CDs and ship them to the shops.”

The official version will include a track which was not in the original pick’n’mix bag of songs: “We recorded 23 songs for ‘The Future Is Medieval’, in amongst the newies we’ve been playing ‘Kinda Girl You Are’ live at the first few shows, which you seem to be digging. That one missed the website, simply because it wasn’t finished, we were recording and mixing right up until the week of release and ‘Kinda Girl You Are’ was the last through the gatepost. We recorded that one with our favourite guru Mr Ethan Johns, it will be on the CD version.”

The official tracklisting for ‘The Future Is Medieval’ is:

‘Little Shocks’
‘Things Change’
‘Long Way From Celebrating’
‘Starts With Nothing’
‘Out Of Focus’
‘Dead Or In Serious Trouble’
‘When All Is Quiet’
‘Kinda Girl You Are’
‘Man On Mars’
‘Child Of The Jago’
‘Heard It Break’
‘Coming Up For Air’
‘If You Will Have Me’